Basic config

connector_type: amazon_s3
bucket: bucket
prefix: prefix
file_type: parquet
buffer_size_mb: 5
buffer_timeout_seconds: 300
  • bucket: The S3 bucket you want to use to store the data.
  • prefix: The S3 path prefix. The whole S3 path will be s3://{bucket}/{prefix}.
  • file_type: parquet or csv
  • buffer_size_mb and buffer_timeout_seconds: Mage puts messages in a buffer before uploading to S3. You can configure the size and timeout of the buffer to control the file size and the delay.

Configure time-based partition

date_partition_format: "%Y%m%dT%H"

If you want to store the S3 data in time-based paratition folders. You can add date_partition_format to the config. Example values: %Y%m%d, %Y%m%dT%H.


Here are the options to authenticate with the AWS S3 bucket.

  1. Add the following keys and values to your environment variables
  1. If you deploy Mage on AWS ECS cluster, you can use ECS execution task role to authenticate. You can grant the ECS task permissions to access other AWS services by attaching IAM policies to this ECS task execution role.