If you’re wondering which Git resource to use in Mage, see this page for a high-level overview of Git functionality. If you’d like to use Mage’s GitHub integration (recommended for GitHub users), there’s a different method of configuration. See this page for more information.

If you’ve decided on a method that uses HTTPS or SSH authentication (Git Sync or Git Integration), this page will walk you through configuring one of those methods.

Configure Git settings

By using the Git integration through Mage, Mage will automatically set your local repo as a safe directory (i.e. git config --global --add safe.directory <local repo path>)

To use the Mage Git integration, you will need to first configure Git settings. The following instructions are tailored to Github, but the Git integration can work with other Git providers as well, such as GitLab, BitBucket, or Azure DevOps:

Generate SSH Token

If you’re using a method that requires an SSH token in Mage, this section will walk you through generating one. If you’re using a method that requires an HTTPS token, you can skip this section.