Requires version 0.9.23 or greater.

In addition to the global runtime variables that can be used by any block in a pipeline, there are also variables scoped at the block-level, meaning they are accessible in a specific block but not other blocks in the same pipeline. Block variables are not accessible by other pipelines that use the same block.

Using block variables

Block variables can be accessed via the kwargs parameter in your block function. The variables are stored in a block’s configuration, which is accessible through kwargs['configuration'].

def export_data(*args, **kwargs):
    demo_block_var = kwargs['configuration'].get('demo_block_var')

Supported block types

Block variables are currently only supported for Python blocks with the following block types:

  1. data_loader
  2. transformer
  3. data_exporter
  4. custom
  5. sensor

Creating block variables

In Mage UI

You can create new block variables from the Mage UI through the “Block settings” tab in the Sidekick of the Pipeline Editor page. The block settings can also be quickly accessed by clicking the settings icon in a block’s header.

In the “Block variables” section of the block settings, click the + New button, enter the variable’s name and value in the input fields and then press Enter or Return on your keyboard while still focused on one of the input fields (this step can be repeated multiple times).

This will add the variable(s), but not save it. You need to also click the blue Update block settings button below the “Block variables” section in order to save and persist these new variables. You can also edit/delete existing block variables by hovering over a variable and clicking the edit/trash icons. You can press the Escape key to exit a variable’s edit mode.

In code

You can also create or edit block variables by going to a pipeline’s metadata.yaml file (located in the pipelines/[pipeline_uuid] directory) and adding them to a block’s configuration property.

- all_upstream_blocks_executed: true
  color: null
    demo_block_var: block_var_value
    block_var2: val2
    block_var3: val3
  downstream_blocks: []
  executor_config: null
  executor_type: local_python
  has_callback: false
  language: python
  name: billowing snow
  retry_config: {}
  status: updated
  timeout: '60'
  type: data_exporter
  - muddy_waterfall
  uuid: billowing_snow