Configure data integrations


You can interpolate pipeline variables, environment variables, secrets, and more into the source config file, schema settings, and destination config file.

Pipeline variables

{{ variables('variable_name') }}

Variable names

You can add your own custom variables to the pipeline. For more information, read the documentation.

Here are the default variables available to interpolate:

NameDescriptionSample value
pipeline.nameName of the current pipeline.ETL demo
pipeline.uuidUUID of the current pipeline.etl_demo
dsExecution date string.2023-12-25
hrExecution hour string from 00 to 23.12
envEnvironment Mage is running, prod
execution_partitionThe current partition of the execution: datetime in this format %Y%m%dT%H%M%S.20231225T122520

Common prefixes

Mage supports table prefixes for integration sources. To add a prefix, add the following to the source configuration for a data integration pipeline:

  destination_table: MY_PREFIX_{{ variables('stream') }}

For example, configuring a PostgreSQL source:

Configure data integrations

Environment variables

{{ env_var('environment_variable_name') }}


Use the following syntax to interpolate secrets:

{{ mage_secret_var('your_secret_name') }}

For more information on secrets, read the documentation.