Requires version 0.8.92 or greater.

For standard pipelines (not currently supported in integration or streaming pipelines), you can save the output of a block that has been successfully run and saved to disk as a CSV file.

Note that there may be limitations for saving very large block outputs (e.g. greater than 200 mb). Downloading block output saved to the cloud (e.g. S3) is not currently supported.

There are two places to save the block output as a CSV file:

  1. In the Pipeline Editor page after successfully running a block
  • After a block has been successfully run, click the Save icon in the block output footer.
  1. In the Block Runs table after a block run has successfully completed
  • The Block Runs table can be found by going to a pipeline’s Runs section (found in left navigation sidebar) of the Pipeline Detail page and clicking the Block runs tab or clicking the X / X link under the Block runs column of the Pipeline Runs table.
  • Go to the far right of the Block Runs table and click the Save button under the Output column.