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Build, run, and manage your DBT models with Mage.

Analytics engineersWith Mage and DBT combined, you can expand build and run complex data pipelines.
Data engineersSimplify your data infrastructure and reduce the amount of redundant tools in your “modern” data stack. Replace DBT cloud and Airflow with Mage’s native integration with DBT.


To use the DBT integration, you must run Mage using Docker.


Schedule DBT model runsTrigger your DBT model runs on a regular schedule, from an event, or via API request.
Run specific DBT models and their dependencies
Run all models and optionally exclude others
DBT models can depend on non-DBT related tasksExamples:
Build model after data ingestion from API
Build model after another pipeline completes
Preview DBT model results as you write SQL
Build dynamic DBT pipelines using flexible variable interpolation{{ env_var('...') }}
{{ variables('...') }}
Automatically run DBT tests every time a pipeline runsWrite checks using DBT tests, then Mage will run them and fail the pipeline if the test results produce any failures.
Observability built-inMonitor your DBT pipelines and get alerted when things break.