Pipeline triggres are stored in pipeline_schedule table in the database. If you want to query the trigger metadata, you can either directly query the data from database or use Python code to fetch PipelineSchedule models.

Query from DB

Here is the query from Postgres. You can adapt it to the syntax of other databases when needed.

FROM pipeline_schedule
WHERE pipeline_uuid = 'example_pipeline' -- Filter by pipeline_uuid
AND status = 'ACTIVE' -- Filter by status
AND repo_path = '/home/src/default_repo' -- Filter by repo path

Query DB models via Python

from mage_ai.orchestration.db import db_connection
from mage_ai.orchestration.db.models.schedules import PipelineSchedule
from mage_ai.data_preparation.models.triggers import ScheduleStatus


pipeline_schedules = PipelineSchedule.query.filter(
    # Filter by pipeline uuid
    PipelineSchedule.pipeline_uuid == 'example_pipeline',
    # Filter by trigger name
    PipelineSchedule.name == 'trigger_name',

# Get pipeline schedule count
print(f'Number of triggers: {pipeline_schedules.count()}')

# Print the detailed info
print([p.to_dict() for p in pipeline_schedules.all()])

# Update trigger status
for p in pipeline_schedules:

# Delete triggers
for p in pipeline_schedules: