Basic config

connector_type: google_cloud_pubsub
project_id: test-project-id
topic_id: test-topic-id
pubsub_emulator_host: null  # "host.docker.internal:8085"
path_to_credentials_json_file: "./google_credentials.json"

The pubsub_emulator_host parameter is optional, which could be used when you need to test the Google Cloud PubSub service locally through an emulator (see more details at the bottom).

Data format

The Google Cloud PubSub data exporter scalar values

message = <Any>

or dictionaries with a specific format as messages:

message = {
    'data': <Any>,
    'metadata': <Optional[Dict]>

If the data contains no dictionary it will be written to the pubsub as value. Otherwise, every dictionary message contains at least some data in a data field. The following messages are valid:

message = {'data': {'bees': 23, 'ants': 30}}

The following message shows the configuration of elements data:

message = {
    'data': {
        'bees': 23,
        'ants': 30,

If not all elements are configured, default values are assumed.

  • The project_id and topic_id has to be configured in the yaml file.
connector_type: google_cloud_pubsub
project_id: test-project-id
topic_id: test-topic-id

Set up Google Cloud Pubsub emulator

To test out Google Cloud PubSub source locally, follow the instructions in Testing apps locally with the emulator to set up the local Google Cloud PubSub emulator.

Create a project_id for testing

Use the command listed under the Starting the emulator section to create a project_id, e.g.,

gcloud beta emulators pubsub start --project=test-project-id

$(gcloud beta emulators pubsub env-init)

Create a topic and a subscription

Use the gcloud pubsub topics create command to create a topic:

gcloud pubsub topics create test-topic-id

After you create a topic, you can subscribe or publish to it. Use the gcloud pubsub subscriptions create command to create a subscription.

gcloud pubsub subscriptions create test-subscription-id-0 --topic test-topic-id

Only messages published to the topic after the subscription is created are available to subscriber applications.