We recommend running your production environment in the cloud. Mage has a built in workspace manager that can be enabled in production. This feature is similar to the multi-development environments, but there are settings that can be shared across the workspaces. For example, the project owner can set workspace level permissions for users. The current additional features supported are:

  • workspace level permissions
  • workspace level git settings

still to come…

  • customizable permissions and roles


In order to start using workspace management, you will first need to create a “main project”. The main project is the parent project that will handle the management of all the workspaces. To create a main project, you will need to set the PROJECT_TYPE environment variable.

If you want to use workspace level permissions, you will also need to enable user authentication and provide an external database (not the default SQLite DB) that will be shared among your workspaces. To enable user authentication, you will need to set the REQUIRE_USER_AUTHENTICATION variable.

Variable NameValue

If you run into issues deploying your infrastructure, feel free to reach out in our Slack.

Depending on your cloud environment, Mage may expect additional environment variables. Mage currently natively supports creating workspaces in these cloud providers:

still to come…

  • Amazon ECS
  • Google Cloud Run

Project metadata

There are a few additional settings that can be configured for a main project. You can access the project metadata in the “Settings” tab on the left hand side of the Workspaces UI.

Workspace config defaults

Available in version >= 0.9.56

You can set default values for the workspace config. This will be the default config that is populated in the UI when creating a new workspace. When creating the workspace, you can manually override the default values as needed. All fields in the workspace config defaults are optional.

# <your_project_name>/metadata.yaml

  name: str
      enable_auto_termination: bool
      max_idle_seconds: int
    pre_start_script_path: str
      command: str
      hook_path: str
    namespace: str
    ingress_name: str
    service_account_name: str
    storage_access_mode: str
    storage_class_name: str
    storage_request_size: int


User management

Only the global owner can manage users from the workspace management page.

If you enabled user authentication and connected an external database, you will be able to use project level permissions for your workspaces. When a workspace is created, project level roles will be automatically created for your workspaces as well. Click on the “Users” tab in the sidebar to view and manage user roles.

Workspaces users

If you click on a user or create a new user, you should see all your workspaces and the role that the user has for each workspace. If you want to give a user global permissions, then you can add a global role on the left hand side. Otherwise, you can set project level permissions on the right.

Workspaces users


In the settings tab, you can adjust the project metadata for the main project. This tab will be mostly useful if any of the initial settings are incorrect. In the future, we plan on allowing users to configure their workspace metadata from the settings page.