Read only access

You can configure Mage to not allow any edits to pipelines or blocks and/or not allow edit or execute access for the notebook. Users will only be able to create triggers and view the existing pipelines. They will have access to features such as syncing with GitHub and future remote repository integrations.

To enable this feature set the following environment variable: export DISABLE_NOTEBOOK_EDIT_ACCESS=<value>

The available values are

  • 0: this is the same as omitting the variable
  • 1 (most restrictive): no edit/execute access to the notebook within Mage. Users will not be able to use the notebook to edit pipeline content, execute blocks, create secrets, or create variables.
  • 2 (less restrictive): only disables edits for pipelines and blocks. Users will not be able to edit pipeline/block metadata or content.


By default, Mage uses sqlite to store orchestration data (trigger, pipeline run, and block run). To use a different database, you can set the MAGE_DATABASE_CONNECTION_URL environment variable.

In production, you can set the environment variable in the corresponding Terraform script.


export MAGE_DATABASE_CONNECTION_URL=postgresql+psycopg2://user:password@host:port/dbname

To use a specific schema_name in PostgreSQL:

export MAGE_DATABASE_CONNECTION_URL="postgresql+psycopg2://user:password@host:port/dbname?options=-c%%20search_path%%3Dschema_name"


export MAGE_DATABASE_CONNECTION_URL="mssql+pyodbc://?odbc_connect=DRIVER={ODBC Driver 18 for SQL Server};SERVER=host;DATABASE=dbname;UID=user;PWD=password;ENCRYPT=yes;TrustServerCertificate=yes;"


ulimit is a built-in Linux command that allows viewing or limiting system resource used in processes.

If you get OSError: [Errno 24] Too many open files error when running in Mage in production, you can set the environment variable ULIMIT_NO_FILE to a larger number (e.g. 8192 or 16384) and restart Mage server to increase the maximum number of open files allowed in Mage processes.

If you get OSError: [Errno 24] Too many open files error when running Mage locally on your laptop, you can increase the limit with the command ulimit -n 8192 (or a larger number). Add this command to ~/.bash_profile or ~/.zshrc file so that this config can be applied automatically in the terminal.