First, you’ll need to enable user authentication within Mage. You can find out more about this in the Overview page.

Enable Okta sign in

By default, users will not see the “Sign in with Okta” option in their sign in page.


Add Oauth application

You will need to add Mage as an OAuth client in your Okta organization admin dashboard. For more instructions on how to do this, please see the Okta developer documentation. Make sure you select the “Authorization Code” grant flow, and add http(s)://<your-mage-url>/oauth as a Sign-in redirect URI.


Retrieve credentials

Once you have created the credentials, you will need to get the application’s client ID and client secret. Make sure you also have your Okta domain URL.


Set environment variables

Set the following environment variables in your Mage setup.

OKTA_DOMAIN_URL<okta domain url>
OKTA_CLIENT_ID<client id>
OKTA_CLIENT_SECRET<client secret>

You should now see the “Sign in with Okta” button when you start Mage and attempt to sign in.

Sign in with Okta