First, you’ll need to enable user authentication within Mage. You can find out more about this in the Overview page.

Enable Microsoft sign in

By default, users will not see the “Sign in with Microsft” option in their sign in page. To enable this, you will need to get your organization’s Tenant ID. You can find this in the Azure Portal:

  1. Log into your Azure Portal
  2. Click into the Azure Active Directory service
    Azure Active Directory
  3. Navigate to the directory you want users to sign into
  4. Click “Properties” in the left sidebar
    Active Directory Properties
  5. Copy the value under “Tenant ID”
    Active Directory Tenant ID

Once you have found your tenant ID, you will need to set the following environment variable in your Mage setup.


You should now see the “Sign in with Microsoft” button when you start Mage and attempt to sign in.

Sign in with Microsoft