Customize Mage to build your data platform


  1. Custom designs and layouts
  2. Manage multiple Mage and non-Mage projects from a single application
  3. Configure and manage multiple Git repositories from a single Mage project
  4. Direct your Mage using REST API endpoints
  5. Setup granular permissions and assign roles to authenticated users
  6. Enable single sign-on, LDAP, and more
  7. Customize how Mage operates using Global Hooks that execute code before or after any operation
  8. Launch customizable Workspaces for your developers to create impact
  9. Build company-wide monitoring dashboards to observe, detect, and destroy bad data
  10. Create no-code UI for non-technical teams to run their own data pipelines
  11. Use your own custom AI model to use in Mage
  12. Build Global Data Products that serve as company-wide canonical core data tables