Our demo dbt repo currently offers two quickstarts: one that runs a simple dbt pipeline and one that runs a dbt pipeline from an external repo. At this time, running dbt in Mage requires Docker, so both of our demos are docker compose based.


  1. Docker
  2. Git


The following command will clone the demo repo, copy dev.env to .env and run docker compose up to start Mage and a Postgres database.

git clone https://github.com/mage-ai/dbt-quickstart mage-dbt-quickstart \
&& cd mage-dbt-quickstart \
&& cp dev.env .env && rm dev.env \
&& docker compose up

After running the above command, open the Mage overview page at http://localhost:6789. Click the pipelines icon on the left to enter the pipelines overview.

Open Pipelines