Cast spells with the Command Center

The Command Center is an ancient magical artifact that imbues its wielder with godlike capabilities such as:

  1. Teleport between different pages (go to different pages).
  2. Cast spells that trigger pipelines, immortalize code, etc. (perform an action).
  3. Conjure new entities such as files, folders, pipelines, and more (create new objects).
  4. Enchant objects and reveal their inner details (view object details).
  5. Summon applications to do your bidding and fight alongside you (open applications).
  6. Heal wounds suffered from bugs and errors (get help and support).
  7. Alchemize entities and update their inherent properties (update object attributes).


Available on versions >= 0.9.60

To enable this feature:


Project settings

Go to your project settings.


Enable feature

Enable the feature named Command Center.



Restart Mage so that your files can be re-indexed.

Launch Command Center

There are several ways to launch the Command Center:

  1. In the top right corner of the screen, click on your avatar.
  2. In the dropdown menu, click the option labeled Launch Command Center.

Launch dropdown menu.

  • MacOS

    + . aka Command + Period

  • Windows

    + . aka Win + Period

Customize launch keyboard shortcuts

You can change the default keyboard shortcuts to launch the Command Center:

Keyboard shortcuts


⌅ Enter or ↵ Return

when search query is blank

⎋ Esc when search query isn’t blank

⎋ Esc after delving deeper into a selected row

⎋ Esc when search query is blank


These are some of the actions you can invoke from the Command Center.

Page navigation

Open a page such as the Triggers page, your profile preferences, a specific pipeline, etc.

Recent pages

After landing on a page, you can go back to that page from the Command Center. By default, 5 recent pages are available to jump back to.

New folder

Create a new folder in the project.

New file

Create a new file in the project.

New pipeline

Create a new pipeline.

Run pipeline

Trigger a pipeline to run once immediately.

Instant help

Get instant help from the community and maintainers.


Open the developer documentation.


Here are some examples of items you can enchant and interact with from the Command Center.




Account profile

and more…



View details


View details







Pipeline runs



View block details


The Command Center by default will show a standard list of actions and items that are useful throughout Mage.

However, there comes a time when you must transform into a different mode to better tackle specific quests. Currently supported modes are:

Version Control

Switch into the Version Control mode to become the master of Git workflows. This mode comes with spells and artifacts for pulling code, viewing file diffs, committing changes, pushing features, etc.

More modes coming very soon!

Application launcher

The Command Center can launch Mage applications within the currently running Mage instance. These applications can be used simultaneously throughout your journey in Mage.

Currently supported applications:

Text Editor

This is the file browser and the code editor self-contained in a single application.

Portal Terminal

This is the terminal with multi-terminal support and can be launched and used on any page.

Code Matrix

This application provides a new and revolutionary way to write code, test, and debug.

More applications coming very soon!