Setup Docker enviroment

To effectively connect on a StrongDM Resource inside Mage’s docker, you may need to add:

If using docker run command:


If using docker-compose setup:

            - "host.docker.internal:host-gateway"

Install StrongDM CLI tool

To install StrongDM CLI tool, first access Mage’s docker bash and execute the installation script:


(In case you receive a “Permission denied” error, executing chmod u+x scripts/strongdm/ should fix this issue)

Now, login in your StrongDM account using:

sdm login

And connect to the desired Resources using:

sdm connect RESOURCE-NAME

Accessing StrongDM Resources

Now, to connect to a Resource, simply add the required host parameter as “localhost” and the respective port number

MongoDB Source example:

database: admin
host: localhost
password: example
port: 10006 # Specified in StrongDM Resource Generation
user: root