Enable New Relic

You will need to add ENABLE_NEW_RELIC environment variable as true in order to use New Relic in Mage.

New Relic Configuration File

Following New Relic Python integration guide, run command: newrelic-admin generate-config YOUR_LICENSE_KEY newrelic.ini to generate the newrelic.ini configuration file and edit your newrelic.ini and insert values for the following: … license_key = INSERT_YOUR_LICENSE_KEY … app_name = INSERT_YOUR_APP_NAME …

An example example_newrelic.ini file is attacehd in Mage repo under folder integrations/newrelic.

Add path of your newrelic configuration into environment variable NEW_RELIC_CONFIG_PATH.

Using New Relic in Mage

Monitoring with New Relic will be enabled the next time you start the Mage server.

The following logs and errors will be reported to New Relic:

  • Trigger runs.
  • Mage scheduler.
  • mage run CLI command.