With the Version Control mode in the Command Center, you can initialize as many Git repositories in a single Mage application as your desire.

The Version Control mode enables you to invoke Git commands for any Git repository without having to constantly change working directories.

Activate mode

Transform into a version control master


Launch Command Center

Open the Command Center. For all the ways to do this, read more here.


Search for mode

In the search bar, start typing the words Version Control.


Invoke action

Once you see the row titled Activate version control mode, select that row and invoke its action.


Here are the steps to setup 1 or more Git projects in Mage:


New Git project

Select the row title New Git project.


Select directory

Choose a location to initialize a Git repository. The git init command will be executed in this directory and it’ll contain the .git folder.


Initialize repo

Click the button labeled Initalize repo.

Once you have at least 1 Git project setup, here are more actions you can invoke from within a Git project:




Other git actions

If a git action isn’t available in the Command Center, you can type in the search bar the full git command you want to run and click ⌅ Enter to submit the command.


From the Command Center, you can initiate the Authentication flow with Git providers such as GitHub and GitHub Enterprise (GHE).

Additional providers coming soon.